Corporate Actions Processing


CAAPS is a secure, cloud-based software solution for workflow
management and the processing of corporate actions.

CAAPS collects, monitors and reports corporate action information provided by the client’s authorized sources, with multiple features that allow organizations to manage their work according to their business rules.


CAAPS supports ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 corporate action announcement messaging as well as client proprietary files


Client-designed work queues allow the client to identify exception situations that should be addressed by operations personnel

Client-tailored risk measurements create a risk value for each event that clearly identifies where risk conditions exist

Modular software architecture means clients can easily add functionality that supports any change to their operations


Dynamic Work Queues and Searches
User-configured searches to create work queues and reports for distribution to operations staff
Audit Trail
Easy access to an audit trail that registers manual changes impacting the Event Record
Data Comparison
Checks for data presence and discrepancies between sources to create a unified record
Event Delivery
CAAPS Event Records delivered to client's downstream systems for onward processing
Event Templates
FTS created templates to manage your corporate action data for all ISO event types
Risk Templates
Allow the user to define risk conditions that will be applied to events upon initial creation and on changes in variable data
Exception Processing
Primary processes are monitored for exceptions
Risk Measurement
Key risk parameters that provide quick identification of events that pose higher risk than others
Each CAAPS client will access their own Virtual Environment to ensure privacy of their information using an encrypted (SSL) web site